Linguists by trade. Multilingual family by nature?

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In today’s episode my friend Dr. Sandhya Sundaresan tells us about her multilingual journey – starting in India where she grew up with Tamil and English over to her current life in Germany.

Sandhya is a colleague of mine, she has a PhD in Linguistics; and she is a new mom to a baby girl who is growing up multilingually. With her American husband and at work Sandhya speaks English, while the family lives in Berlin where the majority language is German. In her busy daily life Sandhya struggles sometimes to stick to her mother tongue – the baby’s and her own basic needs are the priority, multilingualism comes second. This happens to many of my clients as well, it’s the reality of most parents and that’s ok! Raising a multilingual child is a roller coaster and it can be hard work at times, the important thing is to get back on track and to keep the eye on the goal – your multilingual and multicultural child, the future global citizen.

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